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Homeopathic treatment of ADHD/ADD

Polarity analysis in homeopathy has proven to be effective in improving symptoms of ADHD/ADD in children and adults.

Reducing symptoms and enhancing concentration during both learning and life experiences.


Frei et al:Randomised controlled trials of homeopathy in hyperactive children, 2007



As an experienced homeopath with over 30 years of expertise, my aim is to assist you in obtaining better health and well-being through the practice of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a holistic approach to health that considers both the physical and emotional aspects of a person's well-being. I provide tailored homeopathic treatment plans for your individual symptoms.

I look forward to helping you on your journey towards better health and well-being!

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Homoeopathy - A Natural Path to Health

I use homeopathic treatment and counselling to find what supports your health. My approach is rooted in the idea that your body naturally knows how to restore balance and that getting healthy means returning to a natural state of well-being.

I prescribe to the teachings of Hahnemann and his colleagues especially Boenninghausen, Lippe, and Hering. I follow their insights, not in a rigid way but with respect for their proven observations. These principles form the foundation for our approach.

I exclusively use homeopathy to address acute and chronic illnesses, injuries, and disorders. Treatment is a joint effort; your information and motivation are crucial for positive outcomes. Awareness of your symptoms is key to success.

Rather than giving strict guidelines, we engage in conversation, pay attention, and encourage self-reflection on aspects like sleep, physical activity, diet, stress, social life, and, most importantly, an increased awareness of what is meaningful in your life.

What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medical method developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the early nineteenth century. The core principle, "similia similibus curentur," a Latin phrase that translates to "like cures like" underpins this therapy. Departing from conventional medicine, it treats diseases with substances that, in a healthy person, will produce symptoms similar to those experienced by a sick person.

Homeopathy is unique because it looks at the entire person, examining each specific symptom. A homeopathic medical history is thus more comprehensive, collecting numerous details about the patient's condition and previous treatments.

Following the medical history, homeopaths compare the current symptoms with the symptoms found on healthy individuals exposed to a homeopathic medicine, determining the prescribed "similarity." Medicines are administered in the smallest possible dose, usually derived from minerals, plants, salts, and animal substances, always manufactured by professional pharmaceutical producers.

Diagnoses and mainsymptoms
Download Checklist reliable symptomd - Acute

Download Checklist reliable Symptoms - Chronic
Download Checklist Perception Disordes -  ADHD







For acute illnesses, treatment requires a full set of homeopathic medicines at home or close access to a wide range of medicines. When treating chronic illnesses, we ship the homeopathic medicine if you cannot obtain it locally.

Chronic Illness

Determining an individual homeopathic medicine involves 2 consultations:

  1. The first consultation (30 minutes) resembles conventional medical practice, involving symptom discussion. Subsequently, you’ll receives two checklists: the Checklist for Diagnoses and Main Symptoms, and the Checklist of Reliable Symptoms. Completion at home ensures accurate symptom observation.
  2. During the second consultation (30 - 50 minutes) 1-3 weeks later, we’ll determine the homeopathic medicine by analyzing the checklists. Here I focus on a polarity analysis of symptoms or modalities (Organon § 133), including other characteristic symptoms if polar symptoms are insufficient to identify a specific medicine.

Multimorbid Patients

The approach for multimorbid patients is similar to other chronic illnesses, where you’ll receive the checklist mentioned under Chronic Illness for each problem. Adding symptoms to the Case Log spreadsheet provides an overview over the complex symptomatology. Here you’ll asses the problem intensity on a scale from 1-10, creating a graph over the progress.

Disorders We Treat:

  • Head: Headaches/pains, eye or vision problems, cold/sinus problems, sore throat, ear infection/pain.
  • Chest: Heart rhythm disturbances, weakness, pain, lungs: cough, bronchi, asthma...
  • Stomach: Heartburn, cramps, intestine: digestive problems, diarrhea, constipation...
  • Kidney/urinary tract: Kidney inflammation, bladder infection, urinary tract infection, urinary leakage, incontinence...
  • Genitalia: Menstrual pains, pain during intercourse, erectile dysfunction...
  • Muscle and skeletal system: Soft tissue arthritis, joint problems...
  • Skin: Skin rash, inflammation, infections, warts, sweating, itching...
  • Sleep: Sleep problems, difficulty sleeping at night, nightmares...
  • Mind: Anxiety, fear, depression...

Treating a chronic illness that has developed over months to years naturally takes time to treat and resolve. You may need several different medicines and treatment for acute illnesses along the way. It is crucial to emphasize that you, as the patient, are a collaborator in the treatment. Your precise observation and reporting of symptoms are essential for us to choose the best medicine.

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ADHD Treatment - 6 months
$580 for a 6-month course including medicine. Includes 2 initial consultations, in-depth interview, analysis, and selection of medicine, follow-up consultation (15-45 minutes) approximately every 3-4 weeks. Can be paid in installments.

Treatment - Chronic Diseases - 3 months
$350 for a 3-month course including medicine. Includes 2 initial consultations, in-depth interview, analysis, and selection of medicine, follow-up consultation (15-45 minutes) approximately every 3-4 weeks. Can be paid in installments.

Treatment - Chronic Diseases - 6 months
$580 for a 6-month course including medicine. Includes 2 initial consultations, in-depth interview, analysis, and selection of medicine, follow-up consultation (15-45 minutes) approximately every 3-4 weeks. Can be paid in installments.

Emergency consultation
$85 (including follow-up discussions about the effect)

  • Shipment of medicine - $25 - 50

My adress in Denmark

Clinic for Homeopathic Medicine
Solbakkevej 14,

8766 Nørre Snede,
Phone: + 45 287 41 480


My name is Kian Sloth Falck, I’m 53 years old and I live in Denmark with my wife. I began my education in homeopathy at the age of 21 and have been passionate about health and refining my knowledge ever since. I practice homeopathy based on classical principles adapted to modern times, incorporating Polarity Analysis, a method systematized by Heiner Frei. Research conducted by Heiner Frei in Switzerland used this method to demonstrate that homeopathy is not a placebo and is efficient in treating children with ADHD/ADD.

Homeopathic Education
Scandinavian Institute for Classical Homeopathy - 1995 - 700h 

Arnt Folkmann - Basic Course in Homeopathy 93/95 - 156h
Homeopathic Professional Forum - Professional Gathering 1996/2000 200h

Gupta seminar 1995 - 18h 

Polarity Analysis - Let's keep it simple with Dr. Devang - 8H
Online course 2022 

Polarity Analysis - Heiner Frei - 8h - Online course 2022

The Bönninghausen Therapeutic Pocketbook Method with Jamie Oskin, ND - 13h 
Online course 2022
Homeopathic Diagnosis; Hahnemann through Boenninghausen with Georg Dimitradis - 21h Online course 2022 

Polarity Analysis - Fall 2022 - online 46h 

Polarity Analysis - Spring 2023 - online 46h
Seminar with Heiner Frei, Odense 22.-23. 2024 14h

Total 1184 hours of education

Homeopathic Practice: Homeopathic Clinic in Tromsø 10 years of practice in Norway 1995-2005 - Member of the Norwegian Homeopaths Association - NHL.

Medical Education Basic Medicine - 1 year, University of Tromsø - 408H

Arendal Nursing College - Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology - 290h
Encephalon College of Medicine - Pathology - 220h
Breivang High School - Anatomy/Physiology - 76H

Total 994 hours of education in Medicine

• Classical homeopath mFNM-RAB

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